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Members of the Knesset

Nava Boker

nava-boker  Nava Boker

Knesset member Nava Boker was born in 15.11.70. she was raised and Educated in Pardes Hanna-Karkur.

Nava is a Media personality, journalist and communications consultant.

In the beginning of her proffesional career she served as a writer in local newspapers, such as- 'yediot Aharonot' and 'Maariv'. Later she advanced to be a reporter for 'Hot' news channel and a reporter for the show 'Mabat' at Channel One News.

When she served as a journalist she chose to cover Welfare, Education and crime Themes.

At the age of 27, during her work as a journalist, she met the police officer Lior Boker, the head of Hadera's police department, who later became her husband.

 In December 2, 2010, her husband- General Lior Boker was killed during a temptation to rescue Cadets from a burning bus in the Carmel wildfire burning disaster. After his death, Nava began to run a public campaign to rehabilitate the fire and rescue Array and to establishment a firefighting Squadron for the State of Israel.

Nava Established a fund in memory of her husband General Lior boker, to support the fire and rescue system and to prevent further disasters.

In the recent elections for the 20th Knesset, Nava faced in the premieres for the first place for a new woman; place 25, whom she won.

During the election campaign, she was appointed by Prime Minister and the Chairman of the 'Likud ' party Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu, to be the head of the woman staff in the 'Likud' a head of the woman staff, among many activities organized in part, Nava organized an event for the honor of Women's Day. 1200 woman attended the event, along with the prime minister and his wife Mrs. Sara Netanyahu.

 In the recent Elections, nava chose to defend and stand by Mrs. Netanyahu through all media channels she was interviewed to and signed all the woman candidates on a letter that supports Ms. Netanyahu.
Knesset member Nava Boker lives in Hadera, she has two daughters.