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Members of the Knesset

Ofir Akunis

אופיר אקוניס - סגן יושב ראש הכנסת  Ofir Akunis

Ofir Akunis was born in Tel Aviv on May 28, 1973.  He is married to Adi and father to Yonatan and Rony.  In 1992 he joined the Likud Movement, and in January 1996 began to work in the Information Department in Metzudat Ze’ev.  In June 1996, following Benjamin Netanyahu’s victory in the elections for Prime Minister, he was appointed deputy media adviser to the Prime Minister.  In March 1999 he became spokesman for the Likud.  In 2004 he was appointed Netanyahu’s media adviser in the office of the Ministry of Finance, and continued in this position until 2008, when he was appointed Deputy Director General for Media & Information of the Likud.

MK Akunis is considered a very active member of the Knesset.  He was elected to the Knesset in February 2009.  From May 2009 to December 2010 he headed the Economic Committee where he brought about many changes.

Akunis initiated the establishment of the Likud’s response team, which he heads.  He has been very active with the media in Israel and overseas with the aim of explaining the Likud’s ideology and justifying the policies of Israel to the public in Israel and abroad.

Akunis has declared many times that he sees the Palestinians as an obstacle to peace in the Middle East.  He supports settlement in all parts of the country “without distinction, whether on the Golan, in Galilee, the Negev or Judea and Samaria”.

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