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Members of the Knesset

Yariv Levin

יריב לוין - יושב ראש ועדת הכנסת  Yariv Levin

Yariv Levin was born in Jerusalem in 1969.  His godfather at his circumcision was Menachem Begin.  Levin completed high school at the Boyer School in Jerusalem and served in the IDF Intelligence Corps.  He has a degree in Law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and worked as a lawyer in the commercial-civil field.

Levin’s public activity began in the students’ cell of the Likud at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he served as spokesman and later deputy chairman of the cell.  In 1997 he was head of the team that set up the Likud branch in Modi’in, and in 2003 he was elected chairman of the branch.

In the elections to the Likud list for the 18th Knesset, as a representative of the Coastal Plain Region, Levin was given the 21st place in the list and entered the Knesset.  On August 3, 2009 he was chosen to head the House Committee.  Levin also served as the Knesset representative on the Committee to Locate Candidates for the position of Legal Advisor to the Government.  In July 2011 he was appointed by the chairman of the Knesset to chair the Knesset’s Parliamentary Friendship Group with Sierra Leone.

Levin lives in Modi’in, is married to Yifat and father of three children.

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