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PM Netanyahu's Remarks at Chanukah Candle-Lighting Ceremony at the Western Wall

29 November, 2013


  PM Netanyahu's Remarks at Chanukah Candle-Lighting Ceremony at the Western WallPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Western Wall, lit candles for the second night of Chanukah and made the following remarks: "I am always moved to be here at the place where, to a large degree, Jewish history was formed. This is the Zion which we dreamed of returning to and this is the Zion to which we have returned. Since then we have been engaged in building up our country and our state and we are always being challenged.

The first thing I would like to do this evening is to send my best wishes for a quick recovery to the baby girl who was injured by criminals here in Jerusalem. We will find the criminals and bring them to justice. We will watch over our city. I think that you have understood in recent days that our security forces are focused on apprehending wrongdoers and have been successful in doing so. They will be successful here as well.
We have come to banish the darkness and the greatest darkness that threatens the world today is that of a nuclear Iran. We are committed to doing whatever we can to prevent this darkness. If possible, it would be preferable to do so by diplomatic means and if not we will serve as a light to the nations.

We are now holding contacts with the US and the P5+1 governments, with the major powers, regarding the type of agreement that could banish this darkness, and it must, in the end, lead to the result of the dismantling of Iran's military nuclear capability. I believe that in our ability, in the ability of this people. I also believe in the truth. I am not caught up in illusions. Just today it was reported that a reactor in North Korea is back online – and this is after an agreement that everyone celebrated. I believe in speaking the truth and standing up on important principles in order to ensure global peace and our security, and of course, our peace.

I believe in this because I recall something the Lubavitcher Rebbe told me when I went to the UN. He told me: 'Remember that even when you are in a world that is all dark and you light one candle, one candle of truth, the light – the precious light that this candle gives off, is seen from afar.' We will continue to act in this spirit and I would like to wish you all a Happy Chanukah, you who are working for Israel's security, be blessed, be strong and of good courage, you are doing holy work."