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PM Netanyahu's Remarks at the Memorial Ceremony in Memory of the Entertainer Arik Einstein

27 November, 2013


  PM Netanyahu's Remarks at the Memorial Ceremony in Memory of the Entertainer Arik EinsteinOn the way here, Arik, I heard you singing "How I love you, Land of Israel". Arik, how we love you – all of us. I love you very much. We all grew up hearing your songs, laughing until we cried at your skits, moved by your films. In a nation of great artists, great singers, it is not simple to say but it is true: You were the greatest, the beautiful, genuine, pure Land of Israel.

I first met Arik when I was 18 years old. My cousin was friends with Shmulik Krause. She told me, "Come hear this amazing band". So in some tiny club in Tel Aviv I heard "HaHalonot Hagevohim" and I saw Arik, straight-backed, tall, handsome – and his voice! That clear, wonderful voice that pierces our very souls. Arik was only 27 or 28 at the time but he was already a significant figure on our cultural landscape – from "Sallah Shabati" to the "Shlishiat Gesher Hayarkon" trio to his songs. He continued to create and never stopped. His songs accompanied every milestone of our lives, loves and disappointments, ups and downs. Who doesn't remember "La Marmur" or "Hidon HaTanakh"? Children knew Arik from his song "Adon Shoko" and adults sang along with him on "Zamar Noga" and "Atur Mizheh".

You were a wonderful artist and as important, you were an amazing person. Your works are part of the people of Israel's culture in its land, and your works will continue to live with us. Your vitality never waned and it never will.

In one of those wonderful songs, you – our national singer – sang the words of our national poet, "They say there is love in the world", and you asked, "What is love?" Arik, love is what we feel for you. Thank you, Arik Einstein, thank you for your abundance of joy and emotion, which enriched our lives.

Peace be with you, Arik.