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Former Leaders

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Zeev Jabotinsky

Zeev Vladimir Jabotinsky was born in Odessa, Russia on the 12 th of Heshvan 5631 (18.10.1880). He studied law in Italy and Switzerland, and worked there as a newspaper correspondent. His articles and ...

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Menachem Begin

The Sixth Prime Minister Menachem Begin was born in Brest-Litovsk in 1913, and received a Jewish-Zionist education. His family was forced to flee during World War I but returned to Brest-Litovsk after...

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Yitzhak Shamir

The seventh Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir was born in Ruzinoy, Poland in 1915. He attended the Bialystok Hebrew Gymnasium, and from 1929 was an active member of the Betar Zionist movement. In 1932 he ...

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Ariel Sharon

The Eleventh Prime Minister Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Ariel (Arik) Sharon, born in Israel in 1928, member of the Kfar Malal village. In the year 1942 Sharon joined the Hagana. With the outbreak of the War of I...