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About The Likud Party

Organs of the Likud


The Likud Executive

Director General of the Likud - Zuri Siso - 03-6210605

Deputy DG, head of the Municipal Division, Head of the Computer Division - Zuri Siso - 03-6210604

Manager of the Likud Chairman’s Office - Hanni Blaivais - 03-6210888




















The Likud Youth Movement


Likud Youth is the official body of the Likud that combines all activities for young people in the Likud. Members of the Likud Youth see the Likud Party as their ideological home and consider themselves to be the next generation of public activism, both in the framework of the Likud Movement and in the country. Likud Youth organizes a range of activities, whose purpose is to establish the status of young people in the Movement and create roots for future generations of Likud members.

We call on all members of Likud Youth who wish to make a difference and take part in the activities of the organization to contact us and join us.

The Likud Youth Movement is based at Metzudat Zeev in Tel Aviv, with activities all over the country according to region: Central, North, South and Judea & Samaria.


Likud Secretariat

The Likud Secretariat is the body that elects the Director General of the Movement and the heads of the various operational departments of the Movement, based on the suggestions of the Movement’s Chairman. The Secretariat defines their powers and their areas of activity, and guides and supervises their work. The Secretariat may delegate some of its members to form sub-committees to deal with the various matters handled by the Movement’s administration. The Secretariat is elected by the Likud Central Committee, and apart from those elected by the Central Committee, also includes Likud ministers and Knesset members by virtue of their position. In addition, the various regions and sectors are assured representation.

Chairman of the Secretariat: Minister Israel Katz.

Address: 38 King George Street, Tel Aviv, 12th floor.

Telephone: 03-6210826.

Likud Central Committee:

The Likud Central Committee is the body that decides on all movement matters from one Movement Conference to the next, if such powers are not reserved for a different organ by the Constitution. The Conference and the Central Committee are authorized to pass resolutions and to change them. The Central Committee can vote to change the Constitution by a majority of its members. It can also change a resolution of the Conference by a majority vote of its members. Each resolution of the Central Committee must be brought before the Conference immediately following such resolution, and its validity will lapse unless it is ratified by the Conference. Any resolution regarding an agreement between the Movement and another political body must be taken by the Central Committee, with the approval of a majority of its members. The Central Committee meets every six months, and at least once a year.

The agenda and date for a meeting of the Central Committee, excluding a meeting called pursuant to Section 84(a), shall be coordinated between the Chairman of the Central Committee and the Chairman of the Movement. In the case of a disagreement, the position of the Chairman of the Movement shall prevail.

Chairman of the Central Committee: Minister Haim Katz

The Likud Court:

The Court is the Movement’s supreme judicial organ. On all Movement matters, its members, authorities and organs are subject to the Court’s jurisdiction in accordance with its constitution.

Address: 38 King George Street, Tel Aviv

Telephone: 03-6210715

Email: [email protected]

Legal Advisor of the Likud Movement

The Movement’s Legal Advisor advises the Party and its institutions, including the Conference, the Central Committee, the Secretariat, the Bureau, the Constitutional Committee, and the Central Elections Committee, as well as Movement members, on how they should act in accordance with the law and the Movement’s constitution. He also represents the Movement and its institutions before the Likud Court, before external legal courts, and before various government authorities such as the Registrar of Political Parties and the State Comptroller.

The Legal Advisor of the Likud Movement: Adv. Avi Halevy

Address: Kinneret (Moshava), Emek Hayarden Mobile Post 15105

Telephone: 04-670-9443 Fax: 04-670-9330

Email: [email protected]